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Entrance Matting

Contract Flooring Services (London) specialises in the installation of Entrance Matting, including bespoke entrance matting systems.

CFS provide you with the complete entrance matting solution from manufacture to installation. You can order entrance matting systems that are made to measure with your logo inlaid or printed on the mats and barrier matting systems that remove dirt and dampness at the entrance. 

CFS’s entrance matting systems protects internal floor finishes effectively by removing the dirt, grit and moisture brought in every time someone treads on to the entrance mat. This prolongs the life of entrance flooring and reduces maintenance costs to keep your entrance area clean and safe. Apart from these advantages, nearly all entrance matting requirements concerning shape as well as colour are possible with the right planning and consultation from CFS.

Entrance matting is also used for safety purposes. By having entrance matting, you can significantly reduce the risk of people slipping or falling.

CFS offer the folllowing:

  • Free advice on which entrance matting is most suitable
  • A complete installation service
  • Site surveys and estimates